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Welcome to the About!

The About, a place every blogger visits and leaves behind their personal information. A.G. Zalens accepted this tradition and here is her story.

A.G. peered through her window. The uneven brown mountains and clear blue skies of the About greeted her. The best parts of the About remain the four seasons and the brilliant purple, pink, and orange sunsets.

Some people called the About the Southwest, but A.G. calls it home. She lives in the About with her husband and energy rampant kids.

Most days end faster than she wants as she spends her time on mama and family duties, writing, reading, creating graphics, watching movie, and interacting on social sites. You can also find her on these super secretive places: Google or Twitter.

Her journey as a writer began over a year ago (if you exclude the years of reading and starting unplanned books that she abandoned.) Multiple unexpected challenges hindered her progress and she wished she gathered editing knowledge before she typed the first word.

A.G. opened a blog because she wanted to share with other writers the information she read and collected and help them avoid the mistakes she made. Though, she will also throw in some posts on books, authors, and other word related topics.

Her novel, in progress, explores the frightening adventures of teens and new adults as they discover a hidden society and the strange people determined to cause them harm. The idea came from her love of new worlds, technology, and vividly odd dreams (which no one really wants to hear about.)

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Thanks for stopping by the A.G. Zalens blog!

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