10 Influential Authors Who Bounce Creative Energy


Jane Austen

I’m a woman, with Jane Austen on my list: cliché, yet I can’t help it. I love her writing style, plots, character POV, and love stories. It would be an injustice to overlook the exceptional way she transcends an unattractive personality into a lovable character. It’s remarkable and a true inspiration to my writing.

Thomas Aquinas 

While in college, required reading included philosophers,  the only books that retained my attention were those fiction novels on my bookshelf, displaying their beautiful covers, begging for reading, it was difficult to focus on ”required reading.” However, Aquinas entices me with his wisdom and writing approach, maybe because the challenge he presents is irresistible.

J.R.R. Tolkien

Every writer must envy his masterful creation of a new world and creature. I know I do. Whenever someone mentions The Lord of the Rings I begin creating a new world of my own. His novels demonstrate how every detail is important, since they are what draw the emotional connection to the story.

C.S. Lewis

The Dawn Treader was the first book review I ever wrote, way back in grade school. His books stacked on my father’s bookshelf throughout my entire young life. They are a staple and another beautiful way of designing a new world for those of us who wish for his abilities.

J.K. Rowling

I see a pattern in my list of inspiring authors who have successfully developed alternate worlds. Clearly, I’m motivated by those who have pushed the boundaries and wrote amazing stories I couldn’t put down.

Timothy Ferriss

I read The 4-Hour Work Week several years ago and it pushed me on my organization, planning, and productivity. He has a great philosophy for the hours we should work and making those hours count. I also respect his achievements and the way he’s grown his business and blog strategies.

James Patterson

Periodically I get stuck in a genre rut and I seek out something I would enjoy in other sections. This is how I discovered Alex Cross, one of Patterson’s main characters. The way he integrates several different POV, his chapter lengths, the pace, the suspense, the thrill, I love it all.

Markus Zusak 

The Book Thief I read the first chapter and thought, this is the writer I want to be. The way he turns words upside down, inside out, and squeezes new meanings out of them is something I would love to do. Plus, the way he to an angle from a perspective that could be controversial but instead becomes an intriguing story. Amazing.

Rick Riordan

Before reading Percy Jackson’s story, I was reluctant to read something so young, but after seeing the movie I gave it a chance. Though, it was hard to start, once I did I regretted waiting so long to do so. He crafts a fun, action packed, and lovable story around characters I want to know in life. He’s another one who can design an original and keep it relevant.

Julie Kagawa

What I admire about her is her ability to move a story along without out all the background weighing it down. She moves a story forward with ease and makes the reader antsy to keep flipping pages. I love the way her characters are attractive without too much explanation.

I hope you enjoyed my list! Who are your inspirational authors?

Thanks for reading my blog!
A.G. Zalens

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